About Us

At German Orthopaedics physicians on our medical staff can provide patients with personalized orthopaedic care. Our facility is well equipped with advanced medical technology to help physicians diagnose and treat your injury or disorder.

We care about you

As important as new technology and techniques may be, our number one priority is making sure, our patients and their families are treated as individuals and that they are well informed, comfortable and confident in our abilities to help them. Our size and experience set us apart, but it is our devotion to treating each patient as a unique individual, providing personal, life enhancing care that makes German Orthopaedics the premier orthopedic practice in the United States.

We focus on quality

Our state of the art equipment comes from two of the most renowned manufacturers in the industry, Philips and Zimmer. While we prefer the advanced ultrasound system made by Philips with its cutting edge technology, including, but not limited to Live 3D Echo and advanced quantification tools for a wide variety of cardiology systems, we favor the Soleo SonoStim made by Zimmer, which not only meets all the demands of modern physiotherapy, its exceeds them by far. Compact, Ergonomic, High Performance. The exceptional performance of Soleo SonoStim combined with its simplicity guarantees excellent treatment for the greater satisfaction of our patients. The combination of Sono and Stim guarantees unparalleled fexibility and a variety of treatment programs.

The Zimmer OptonPro is a high power class IV gallium-arsenide diode laser with maximum emitted power of 7000 mW. This highly effective laser using an ergonomically designed applicator, thereby offering a wide range of therapy, including the simultaneous application of two wavelengths in a single treatment session.

And not to forget, the Zimmer Cryo6, the latest addition to our Medical Practice. By converting the ambient air in the treatment room into sub-zero temperature air, the all new Cryo6 gives us the ability, to dynamically cool our patients skin, which leads to reduced pain, preventing thermal damage and make treatments easier.

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